We manufacture and supply all ‘hospital linen’ includes all textiles used in the hospital including mattress, pillow covers, blankets, bed sheets, towels, screens, curtains, doctors coats, theatre cloth and table cloths. Cotton is the most prefered and frequently used material. Hospital linens may be sold individually, that is, as a single fitted sheet or flat sheet, or can be purchased as a set, including both fitted and flat sheets plus a pillowcase. These linens are usually made of a range of a cotton-polyester blend that is easy to care for.

We also manufacture and supply all types of Medical Scrubs

  • Surgical Scrubs. People assume that these scrubs are often used during surgery.
  • Nursing Scrubs. Nurses are the ones who usually do the manual labor in hospitals.
  • Maternity and Patient Scrubs. Not surprisingly, patients are also required to wear a specific uniform when admitted to the hospital.
  • Lab Coats.

Medical scrubs design limits the freedom of movement without confinements of the uniform. The differences in styles between surgical scrubs and medical are the most drastic. Putting it simple surgical scrubs have no style. They are always a unisex style so they can be worn by both female and male care givers

When it comes to uniform scrubs, certain hospitals color code their employees. … The answer is simple – to differentiate between different departments within the hospital, especially in a large hospital. It is easier for the other doctors, nurses, physicians and so on. It is definitely easier for patients and visitors.